Why Bother?

Good question - you have your licence, you are qualified, so why do you need more? The traditional approach in days of old was buying a moped and spending a happy year dropping it at every opportunity. Then moving on to something really fast (80!) and dropping that slightly less but still a little too regularly. Now people arrive from a different route and their bikes are capable of 80 in first gear, falling off at these speeds is not to be recommended.

A different approach is required, that's where advanced training comes in. CBT and passing your test is about as relevant to riding a bike at speed at it is to tap dancing. Your knowledge in car driving may actually do you more harm than good. They are different beasts and need treating differently.

Taking quality-advanced training is like an awakening; it should result in your confidence and ability going sky high. No more bike with you sat on it, the two of you should become one, a fluid flowing style where its become hard to fit the grin in the crash helmet, that's what we are after. The added bonus should be that your safety margins increase in line with your new found skills.

Do you recommend people take the IAM or RoSPA test?

We are happy to train riders for either of these recognised tests. In fact many of our instructors are examiners for these organisations. But in reality we would be wary about the use of the word "advanced". The pass level for both these tests is not as high as it could be but somehow we cant see people queuing up to join the "Institute of Reasonably Competent Motorists" or the "Safe and Steady Riders Association". This is a good start, but your riding can go as high as you want, that's why we are here. We are fully supportive of the aims of the IAM and RoSPA, but passing the test is just the first stage. For info on your local club see our links page.

Is advanced riding all about going fast?

No. Its not about going fast or slow, its about a complete understanding of you, your machine, and the roads you are riding. When all these factors are right the speed at which you are travelling will be the right one.

Is it best to have a One to One course?

Experience has shown us that the best courses are at a two students to one instructor ratio. If you are from an average biking background we will find someone of a similar standard to you. One to One can obviously give you a course based soley on your needs, but some can find it oppressive (we may start to feel sorry for you!). But if you fancy the day to yourself thats fine with us.
Any school taking more than two students per instructor is probably just taking your money!

Why do people crash?

There is obviously no simple answer but as several of us are Accident Investigators we have seen more than our fair share of biking carnage. The factor that stands out loud and clear is a simple lack of skills. Partly failing to spot things before they become problems but then giving up too soon. It ain't over till its over, as they say. It's depressing to see bikes smashed up on corners having hit the deck at speeds, which you could get round the corner at. Most peoples downfall is their eyes. Look at where you want to go, never where you don't want to go. If you look at the kerb the bike will move towards it, if you look at the exit of the corner you stand a much better chance of things going your way.

None of my mates ride bikes, do you organise runs?

No, but if you don't want to ride on your own don't despair. Its probably not because you smell. See our links page its got some great clubs listed. Now before you do the old "I wouldn't be a member of a club that would have me as a member" routine. Things have changed big style. IAM type clubs used to make you visualise DayGlo belts, pipe smokers in comfy slippers, and old BMW boxers. Not any more these guys are serious about riding and all things bike. The scale of the operations that some of these clubs run is mind-boggling. Every weekend they have runs going here, there and everywhere. Runs for fast riders, slow riders, small groups, big groups. I promise the old days are dead and gone, give it a try. We love this lot! Go to the links page, what's the worse that could happen? You could get in a conversation about Rough Shag!

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