What Can I Expect?
A multi-level course, delivered on track, covering skills required for safe, precision, high performance road-riding.

What’s Involved?
Each level of the course includes one day of specialist track coaching aimed exclusively at road riders. Coaching is delivered on a one coach to two rider basis and consists of five classroom and five track sessions.  For safety reasons, riders must complete Level 1 prior to progressing onwards through Levels 2 and 3. 

What will I get out of my course?
Riders will develop a high level of cornering capability and will achieve an enhanced understanding of how to work with their machine to get the best results from it.  They will develop increasing confidence and capability as they progress through the levels.  

Who is it for?
Exclusively for road-riders who want to achieve all-round excellence and truly master their machine. Techniques taught are based solely on road-craft and not race-craft and are not suitable for those wanting to develop track skills.

Where can I do my training?
Rapid track training is delivered by Rapid coaches at the British Superbike School, Blyton Park Circuit, Lincolnshire.

Can I upgrade to BIKEMASTER™?

Riders can upgrade to BIKEMASTER™ at any time by completing the road elements of the syllabus. Talk to your track coach about how to arrange this.



Performance Riding Fundamentals for Road Riders (Part 1)


This course introduces the fundamental building blocks upon which performance riding skills can be developed.  

Key areas covered include:

  • Understanding stability and traction

  • Cornering lines

  • Precision steering technique

  • Developing visual skills

  • Throttle control for entry, mid corner and exit

Riders achieving the competences at this level will have demonstrated a high standard of technical skills and a safe, confident riding style.

PER RIDER | £285


Performance Riding Fundamentals for Road Riders (Part 2)


This course builds upon level 1 and takes riders to a higher level of precision, fluidity and performance.

Key areas covered include:

• Review of Level 1 training 

• Steering efficiency and accuracy for performance riding

• Developing exit drive and using more of the bike’s potential

• Higher speed braking drills and setting corner entry speed

Riders achieving the competences at this level will have demonstrated a high standard of technical skills across all areas. They will demonstrate excellent machine control whilst achieving higher speeds and lean angles.

PER RIDER | £285


Mastering Performance Riding


This course is designed around the development needs of each individual rider and aims to help them achieve outstanding performance riding capability. 

Riders completing BIKEMASTER will focus on attainment of outstanding competences from previous levels, together with areas identified for development by the rider or their coach. 

This will involve developing precision, fluidity, finesse and absolute control, whilst riding at high speeds and utilising high lean angles commensurate with road riding.

PER RIDER | £285



25TH JULY (now fully booked) | 29TH AUG (some places still available) | 26TH SEPT (now fully booked)


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