BIKEMASTER™, is our flagship programme and by far, the most comprehensive and advanced motorcycle training in the UK. Our unique combination of road and track training empowers riders to achieve an unparalleled standard of riding skill. The programme consists of three levels of training, each of which progresses from the one. Riders can also access our fast-track option which delivers the entire course in one block.




Master the Fundamentals

3 Days on-road | £875

This course aims to embed an advanced level of the core skills required for safe, precision, performance riding and to create an essential foundation on which to build the rider’s capability through future levels.  

Key areas developed:

• Observation. anticipation and reading the road.

• Making faster, safer progress.

• Smooth and accurate steering

• Progressive and effective braking

• Advanced techniques for corners and bends

• Hazard management in urban and rural settings

• Overtaking

Riders achieving Level 1 competences will have demonstrated a high standard of safe, systematic and confident riding.


Develop Your Potential

2 days on-road plus 2 days on-track | £875

Building on the skills learned in Level 1 as well as introducing new ones, this course aims to achieve a big step forward in confidence, finesse and the rider’s ability to make fast, safe progress.

Key areas developed:

  • Understanding stability and traction 

  • Cornering lines

  • Precision steering technique

  • Developing visual skills

  • Throttle control

  • Using more of the bike’s potential when exiting corners

  • High performance braking skills

  • Enhanced observation and anticipation

  • Progressive riding on corners and bends

  • Hazard management in urban and rural settings

  • Overtaking

Riders achieving Level 2 competences will demonstrate smooth control and finesse whilst achieving impressive progress.





3 days on-road | £875

This level completes the journey by focussing on developing the natural style of the individual rider to help them achieve the highest possible level of riding skill, finesse and fluidity.

Key areas developed:

  • Coaching at this level is bespoke to the needs of the individual rider both on road and track.

  • Track coaching will focus on mastering precision steering, visual skills, throttle control, high performance braking and developing impressive exit drive.

  • Road coaching will focus on mastering observation and anticipation, corners and bends, hazard management, overtaking and using the bike’s full potential to optimise progress.

Riders achieving Level 3 competences will be relaxed, focussed and in complete control whilst making outstanding progress.


BIKEMASTER™ Fast-track*

5 days on-road plus 2 days on-track | £1,935

The fast-track version of BIKEMASTER™ aims to deliver the entire programme in one condensed block of modules designed around individual needs. Further track and road sessions can be added if required to achieve all BIKEMASTER™ competences.


Further track and road sessions can be added if required to reach BIKEMASTER™ standard. Price £195 per session.

Sessions are not run on consecutive days. When you sign up to a course a full schedule of dates will be agreed.




What Can I Expect?
A comprehensive training course covering every aspect of safe, precision, high performance riding.

What’s Involved?
Each level of the course includes one day of specialist track coaching and three days on the road. Riders must complete all three levels, regardless of previous experience.

What will I get out of my course?
Riders who complete BIKEMASTER™ and achieve all of the competences will have attained an exceptionally high level of riding skill equivalent to professional riding standards. There is no other training that comes close.

Who is it for?
Riders who want to achieve all-round excellence and truly master their machine.

What are my coaching options?
Road coaching can either be delivered Solo (one instructor to one rider) over intensive half-day sessions, or Paired (one instructor to two riders) over extended 8-hour sessions. Track training is delivered Paired.

Where can I do my BIKEMASTER™?
The BIKEMASTER™ road modules are delivered nationwide, with the track training module delivered by Rapid coaches at the British Superbike School, Blyton Park Circuit, Lincolnshire.

Bikemaster delivers our vision to offer the UK’s most advanced motorcycle training programme. Our unique combination of road and track training will empower riders to achieve an unparalleled standard of riding skill.



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