What Can I Expect?
Expert coaching focused on achieving your personal riding goals.

What’s Involved?
After an initial discussion to agree your development objectives, coaching will involve a personalised programme of observation, demonstration and feedback.

What will I get out of my session?
Fast and substantial improvement against your riding objectives.

Who is it for?
Bespoke coaching is the best option for riders who want to target their own, specific development goals.  Whether you are a professional wanting to fine-tune your skills at the highest level of riding, a novice wanting to build confidence cornering, or an experienced advanced rider wanting to master a particular riding discipline, coaching is tailored to you and focussed on delivering exactly what you want to achieve. 

What are my options?
Coaching is delivered solo, on a one coach to one rider basis over an intensive 4-hour session, or paired, where you can be coached along with a friend (or we can match you with a rider of similar ability) over an extended 8 hours.

Where can I do my Rapid training?
Coaching is delivered nationwide. You’ll be allocated to a local coach near you.


Based on intensive 4 hours (solo) or extended 8 hours (paired)

1 session | £225 per person

3 sessions | £595 per person

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Extended training can either be delivered on consecutive days or a series of days spread over an agreed period of time.

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